Interview with Glen Liberman

Today I got to interview the New York based designer, Glen Liberman, the founder of Kinekt Design and Kinektron.

 Kinekt Design is behind the patented Gear Ring is made from high quality matte stainless steel. It features micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun (as can be seen in the video).

What is the name of your company and what do you do?

Glen Liberman: I have two companies - Kinekt Design, which focuses on interactive jewelry and Kinektron, which focuses on electronic musical instruments. I also just launched a small online Shop as a side project, which features more of my personal design work. I'm the creative director of both companies, if I had to give myself a title.


From a quick look a your site it looks like you've worked on some pretty cool projects. What projects are you most proud of?

Glen Liberman: I'm very proud of Kinekt Design's Gear Ring as many people have really taken quite a liking to it. I did not expect the response that it has received from the general public. I'm also proud of the song I composed for Toyota, as it was the first time in my life that my creativity had been confirmed. However, each project I've worked on offers a little view to a much bigger picture.

Founding a company takes courage, what inspired you to get started?

Glen Liberman: I had a lot of difficulty fitting into the role of a student or an employee. I think that I simply needed to find my own way as opposed to fitting into a mold. One of my greatest inspirations was the concept of making myself and having the chance to succeed on my own terms.

What kind of tools or machines do you use to create your products? What kinds of materials do you use?

Glen Liberman: When I got started developing ideas and products, I did a lot of 3D printing and laser-cutting. However, more recently I have sort of reverted back to more simplified methods such as paper folding and constructing with cardboard. It's inexpensive and hands on, so you can really feel the design. I also use wood when cutting machines / tools are available to me. But to be quite honest, the most powerful and useful tool I own is my imagination.

These new low-cost digital fabrication tools like laser cutters are pretty exciting. How do you see this changing product design in the next 5-10 years?

Glen Liberman: Product design will never be easy, but I do think that it will enable a lot of individuals to start experimenting and playing around with different materials and methods. It really evens out the playing field between the individual and the corporation.

Before we sign off today, tell us what you are most excited about.

Glen Liberman: I'm excited about sharing my ideas with those who are interested and intrigued, but even more so, I'm passionate about inspiring others to take the same steps I did to find true happiness and success in their lives.

Thanks for reading! You can buy Glen Liberman personal work here.


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