4 Products You Probably Didn't Know Were Laser Cut!

Here are 4 projects that I bet you didn't know were laser cut or had laser cut parts. These great designs show how elegant and professional laser cut pieces can be.

1. Pythagoras Chair by Sander Mulder

Inspired by Origami techniques from the past, a plain sheet of aluminum is laser cut, and then bend into the final product. Made up from only 3 different parts, this chair displays furniture design in its purest form. A powder coat finish is used to finalize the aesthetic and structural characteristics.

2. Coil Lamp by Craighton Berman

The entire lamp is created exclusively from a 100 foot extension cord that has been wrapped around a laser-cut clear acrylic form. Coil Lamp is in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is featured in "Rethinking Typologies" running March 3–July 29, 2012. Coil Lamp is available for purchase in two forms: Handmade & DIY Kit.

3. Big Bold by Roderick Vos for Moooi

The Moooi Big Bold Candelabra was developed as a result of designer Roderick Vos' fascination with laser cutting technology. The main form is cut out of sheet steel and powder-coated in a deep and dramatic Black finish. At more than three feet tall, it is big and bold indeed. Candles included. Part of the Moooi Accessory collection.

4. Wülf Wallets by Wülf .  These wallets have been laser cut, polished, and stitched.  Laser cutting is more expensive per wallet, however, it allows for greater flexibility in prototyping and the laser can brand and cut the wallet in one go. There are also aesthetic pros resulting from the use of a laser cutter, such as cleaner edges.

Thanks for reading! I hope these projects have inspired you to create and design!

Good designing!!



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