Colored Acrylic Sheets

Inventables has added some new colors of acrylic to our selection.  We now have over 100 colors of acrylic sheets in stock ready for same day shipping.  Since we have such a large number of colored acrylic sheets we are seeing folks that design products and sell them on ETSY using them to differentiate their products from others.  We understand it can be hard to chose between 14 different shades of blue on the internet so we created an acrylic sample kit.

Acrylic Sample Kit
Acrylic Sample Kit
The sample kit offers 61 of the colors we have.  We added another 40 colors since making the kit and plan on making a second kit that will include the additional colors.  We have a few more colors to add to our inventory before locking down the design for the second kit.

To make it easier to shop in our store we created a tool on our website to narrow down the colors and styles.

Colored Acrylic Sheet Selector

As of October 2012, our colored acrylic sheets come from 7 families including, opaque, translucent, transparent, fluorescent, glitter, 2 color, and radiant.


These acrylic sheets can really challenge one's creativity. The colors are nice and it looks like the only limit would be how ideas can be made to work.
Zach kaplan said…
Thanks. Do you have any ideas for what you could do with these colored acrylic sheets?

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