Laser Cutters in Chicago

Lots of Inventables customers are interested in finding a shop where they can get some laser cutting done.  In this map below I am going to be adding locations where you can do laser cutting yourself or hire a company to do it for you in Chicago.  I'll be doing more cities soon.  If you know of a place I should add please comment at the bottom and I'll add it to the map.

Green pins represent places where you pay for laser cutting as a service
Blue pins represent places where the laser cutters are a communal tool typically as part of a membership to the space.

View Laser Cutting in Chicago in a larger map


Bill Horvath II said…
Please consider adding Laser It All, conveniently located at the midpoint of Chicago and Pittsburgh:
6731 Erie St.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Zach Kaplan said…
Hi Bill, I think we will do another map for Ohio or maybe one for the Midwest.
Unknown said…
Please consider adding Laser Cutting, Inc. to you map. We have 12 lasers for short lead times, cut any non-metal material like acrylic up to 50" X 100", and can provide a wide variety of substrates. A list of our capabilities is at

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