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$40k Desktop Factory Competition to make on demand manufacturing a commercial reality

Before we get into the big's a little background. 3D printing has been around for over 20 years.  It's a process where you take a digital computer file and "print" out a plastic part layer by layer.  In recent years the price of these machines has come down to a few thousand dollars and this year we saw the birth of one that cost $499.  If you aren't familiar with 3D printing check out this video. At Inventables we think these machines are going to change the world.  We sell the plastic that goes inside of them on spools .  The process to make the plastic spools is expensive.  We think if the plastic was cheaper, the UI was simpler, and you could just "press print" for the product you want you would start to see these machines on every desktop.  At that time the machines would start to look prettier and more like something you would want to have in your house. We want this to happen faster. Today, May 19th 2012, Inve