Design of Wedding Stationary, Decor, and Jewelry

Inventables: Tell us about Wed Instead, what does the company do? 
Sarah Gaut: Wed Instead is a wedding "crafting" business. I make various personalized/custom wedding stationary, decor, jewelry, etc.

Inventables: Founding a company takes courage, what inspired you start Wed Instead?
SG: I started this business because while planning my own wedding, I found it was funner to DIY than buy - so I used my own creative abilities to make pretty much everything myself, including my invitations, programs, escort cards, table numbers, card box, candy buffet, and more! Now, with my newfound talents, I can take some stress off  of other brides' backs and help them create their perfect wedding. I'm just getting started, but hope to have quite a plethora of different types of crafts up eventually.

Inventables: From a quick look at your website and portfolio it looks like you have worked on some pretty cool projects mostly relating to weddings and jewlery. Please tell us the story about the project you're most proud of. 
SG: I really love my Cookies in a Jar favors. They're so adorable! They include all the dry ingredients you need to make a batch of cookies, layered and decorated to match your event! A lot of women buy them as baby shower prizes/favors (we do crafts for other events outside of weddings as well!). Last month, I shipped an order of over 100 to a woman in New York (I'm in California) for a baby shower!
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Inventables: Tell us about some of the more interesting clients of Wed Instead.
SG: I love the uniqueness of each one of my clients - it's what makes my job fun! I customize all my items to each person, so it's each person's "interestingness" that helps me give them exactly what they need! Some of them know exactly what they want, down to the tiny details, while others trust me and want me to run with the broadest idea. I love it either way! I've got a client right now that pretty much wants to order every type of craft I make. I'm going to be her one-stop wedding depot. She's even come up with ideas I don't even sell yet that she'd like me to make for her!

Inventables: What kind of machines do you have at Wed Instead and what kind of materials do you use in them?
SG: We recently purchased a 40W CO2 laser cutter, which is our current favorite machine. It's allowed me to come up with quite a few new ideas of projects to create and sell. I have plans for a variety of new projects which include materials such as acrylic, wood, cardstock, and even fabric! I also frequently use the computer (and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) to create digital designs for wedding stationary, such as invitations, maps, programs, etc.
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Inventables: These new low cost digital fabrication tools are pretty exciting. How do you see this changing the wedding industry in the next 5-10 years?
SG: I think it will help start a lot of smaller businesses, which will allow the wedding world to see much more diverse and low-cost alternatives to the traditional cookie-cutter wedding. It's allowing me to create many unique items for brides who would normally have to pay a fortune to a large company to fabricate something of that scale. I can't wait to see what kind of ideas people come up with to use in their weddings!


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