GE Garages Launches at SXSW with Inventables

When you think of GE, you might think of light bulbs,  jet engines, or dishwashers.  GE has a long history of invention, R&D, and encouraging imagination.  On Friday March 9th, they launched GE Garages to keep this inventive spirit alive. GE is partnering with Skillshare, Tech Shop, Make, Quirky, and ( you guessed it)  Inventables to open new building spaces that serve as a manufacturing lab for technologists, entrepreneurs and everyday Americans.

The Garages project is kicking-off with a mobile pop-up location at SXSW in Austin at the corner of 4th and Guadalupe.  It’s free to the public – no SXSW registration required!  Anyone that signs the waiver to come in and use the machines is getting a free $20 gift certificate to Inventables. After SXSW,  the mobile Garage will be continuing on to Houston and then San Francisco.
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Long-term locations are being planned in Houston and Cincinnati.  At these locations, GE Garages will offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for visitors to learn about the invention prototyping and manufacturing processes, receive support in product building, collaborate in hands-on maker workshops, participate in trainings on high-tech prototyping equipment and learn from guest speakers. The entire effort is helping GE bring its manufacturing expertise and industrial know-how to deliver manufacturing education and innovation that support each community and inspire people to think about careers in science, technology, and engineering.

At the kickoff in Austin, Inventables provided ABS plastic, PP, and a soft touch TPE. Terry from TechShop was making injection molded iPhone cases to hold the Square on the back.

Inventables is excited to be partnering with GE Garages because of our shared mission to inspire makers and inventors, and to make these processes and materials accessible to anyone with an idea, a passion, and some creative energy. Thanks to GE and Subrosa for including us in this incredible adventure.


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