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Lamp Design Project: Day 13 - Final Assembly

Hello Again, This will be the final installment for the lamp project, save for some nice studio glamour pictures. Its been a while but we had some parts in the mail and had to wait our turn on the laser cutter, so here it is, the final assembly and use of our finished lamp. Enjoy! A package came in the mail from LED shoppe. All the way from Hong Kong! In an effort to make LED technology accessible in a kit form, we selected this bulb for our lamp. 60 LEDs attached to a E27 socket. Out of the box ready to go on 110v, no soldering required. This picture shows two prototype lamp heads that broke during assembly. The one on the left broke near the spiral cut for the lamp shade, we thickened that section up on the head on the right but the mounting points are still weak. Lets see if we can improve the design. Some gussets on the head, and redesigned side brackets should help to strengthen things up. This is all of the parts for the final lamp, laid out and ready for assembly. A c