Lamp Design Project: Day 9

Day 9:

As we continue the concepting phase of their project, Fed and I have spent a lot of time talking and sketching. Surrounding our selves with our distilled research and reference documents, as well as physical samples of lamp parts and available lighting materials, we are able to quickly generate and critiq ideas between ourselves. Laying out previous sketches and ideas, allows us to see areas we have explored and areas for development. Having the physical lamp component samples allows us to readily mockup realistic size and geometries that we could expect for our lamp.

This was our only purchase from the IKEA trip we made last week. It is an LED based lighting system intended for under counter installation called Dioder.

Fed and I were attracted to the kit because of the slender, modular LED PCB boards, each with 9 diodes, the individual lighsources for the kit. With slight modifications, these could make for a really clean, slender lamp.

And bright!

These next three pages explore possibilities for using the Dioder LED sticks:

Dioder 1/3 - Single stick on a frame, exposed jointery, very straightforward pivoting arm with handle and LEDs on opposite ends.

Dioder 2/3 Other simple ways to hold a single Dioder stick, maybe more!?

Dioder 3/3: The form of the LED stick lends itself to allot of different "embedding" scenarios, think the Sword in the Stone. The act of inserting the stick becomes a physical switch, a new type of lighting experience

Some of the sketches posted on Day 8: will also work with the Dioder sticks, the idea of little modular LED components has allot of appeal.

Fed just started playing with some paper, inspired by a previous "flexible membrane" sketch, toying with different possible lamp shade shapes.

Add a bulb, some cardboard, a stick and voila... a lamp!

Until you knock it off the ping pong table! Score: Floor 1, CFL 0. Remember to handle with care, there's Mercury in there! You can see the light diffusing film we got at Inventables behind the net there too.

After we broke the bulb, Fed and I discussed the direction we wanted to take with this lamp. We looked back to the previously defined requirements; we want a simple lamp, easy to assemble and aesthetically pleasing, a DIY kit-form, product. At this point we have done some exploring in this realm but we need to start moving with a more defined direction. Check back soon to see the steps we take.



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