Lamp Design Project: Day 8

Day 8:

Fed and Dan are back in 2012! with another lamp design update. We have been ideating and resource collecting for a while now and are starting to lay down some more directed thoughts. At this point we started to develop individual concepts, wether driven by a desired function or form language, ideas are put to paper. Each of these concept pages is a miniature story for a given lamp captured in the moment, through a sketch.

This concept is examining the possibility of a expandable head. The three arms of the lamp head would articulate much in the way that a tripod's legs would. This would allow for the light to be focused or dispersed based on the users needs.

This concept takes a playful approach to the presentation of light, the unzipping of a skin reveals the lamp and ramps up the light.

This study examines possible construction methods, plates of steel or aluminum hold together wooden arms, reflecting back to our "embrace the nature" theme board. Also a few Ideas around LED strips, sticks, and arrays. Very fun and modular feel. May run into wiring issues?

More around LED strips, a flip out, swiss army array. Fold Flat design, reminds me of the old flip out carpenters rulers.

A collection of more loose ideas around the traditional bookkeeper's lamp, with green glass lens and brass hardware. Maybe this could be given a modern approach.

This messy page was done quickly with a sharpie, it shows thoughts around a flexible membrane used as a lamp shade, passed through a weighted base, the slot profile dictating shape.

How can we use simple construction techniques? Geometric shapes that are easy to manufacture, employ simple jointery methods, and provide clean lines are examined here.

We will continue to explore more specific concepts and begin prototyping soon.

Fed and I also recently paid a visit to our friends over at Inventables to check out some possible materials to start prototyping with.

A huge selection of acrylics, we may find our selves looking here to execute some laser cutting ideas we have.

More selections of LEDs, switches and other electrical componentry. The materials on the rolls to the right are very interesting.

We ended up getting a piece of a the light diffusing film to play with.It could add just the right soft touch and organic element to a light shade.

Thats it for today, more concepting, sketching, and prototyping tomorrow.



Anonymous said…
Looks great! Cool sketches. Curious to see the further steps of prototyping! Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,

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