Lamp Design Project: Day 10

Day 10:

At this point in the concepting phase we have two main contenders for the final lamp design. The first is based around the Dioder LED strips and the second is based around a conventional E27 light socket.

For the LED stick design, Fed whipped up some basic geometries in Rhino, an easy to use NURBS based modeling package.
Then brought the models into Keyshot for some rendering. In this way, we can quickly realize a design, down to the details of wood grain or material finish, in a matter of minutes. Seeing these renderings communicates a design intent that would take much longer than if done by hand; marker rendering or prototype.

How about a red acrylic base and black walnut frame? Looks pretty sweet! nice and clean.


At the same time we further refined the E27 socket concepts
The design is highly influenced by the traditional LEKO lamp. We look to bring a modern approach to a classic design. A flexible membrane wraps around the bulb creating a shade.

Exploring the details of the lamp head and other necessary components. Can't forget about
routing the lamp cord, we should celebrate it!

Playing around with proportions and geometries. These sketches look solid but I think we need to prototype this guy in order to fully understand the mechanisms going on here. We are basically creating a sprung four-bar mechanism, this is where remembering what I was taught in Statics and Dynamics class could really come in handy. Oh well there's always trial and error. We shall see how it works out tomorrow.

I leave you with an unrelated, but quintessential, designer's sketchbook page, often scribed out of boredom on a lazy Sunday afternoon: the concept car spread!



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