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At Inventables we believe the world is at the beginning of a new renaissance. We see power in product development shifting from major corporations to individual designers and entrepreneurs. The availability of low cost manufacturing tools and low cost distribution on internet sites are leveling the playing field. Small teams can now make unique high value products that major corporations can’t justify because they aren’t for the masses. At Inventables we understand it is harder for these smaller teams to source materials in smaller sizes and quantities for their new micro-production runs.  We get very excited when we see new companies popping up in this ecosystem and today we found one that we'd like to share.

Zach Supalla, the founder of Hex Goods, an online boutique that features unique products from independent designers.  They seek out the best designers they can find, online and in person, and give them an avenue to feature and sell their products.
Zach Supalla
Inventables: How did Hex Goods Start?

ZS: The idea I started with was different, I was building a brand for high quality goods.  Trader Joes has this ability to have really high quality goods, it's not a brand name per se, but they created high quality generic brands.  I thought there might be an opportunity to do this with hard goods.  The big brands are making marginal decisions to lower the quality but I thought there would be room for someone to take a high quality high value stance.  We're going to build this brand of trust.

Inventables: What made you think about that?

ZS: I started thinking about where does quality come from?  This made me think about all the great hand made stuff that is out there.  The ability to make a great product and market a great product are different skills.  I realized that true craftsmen focus all their energy on making a great product not selling it.

Inventables: Why the name Hex Goods?

ZS: I like having a simple brand with a simple geometric shape so we're sticking with the hexagon.

Inventables: Where will you take it from here?

ZS: In the short run I see it growing in terms of the breadth of the categories we have available.  It's a pretty limited assortment and I focus on uniqueness. The products on the site are pretty different from anything you find in a mass retailer.  In the long run we'll do special collections like Valentines Day collections and such.  In the long term we plan to work with designers on our site to explore larger scale opportunities for their products.

Heritage iPad/Kindle Fire Case made of felt

Inventables: How does it work if I'm a designer and I want to sell my product on Hex Goods?

ZS: Send an email to hello@hexgoods.com and tell us about yourself and your product.  If we like your product and we think it is something special we'll work out what are the terms of buying the product and we'll get information from you and we'll put you online.

Inventables: Do you take inventory?

ZS: If it's something that takes a couple of weeks they would need to be made in advance, if it's something that can be made in advance then on the fly would work.  Moving forward we are taking goods on consignment or drop shipping depending on what works best for the designer.

Inventables: What kind of products are you looking for?

ZS: We're looking for unique products.  We started out with home decor and jewlery and accessories but we will be moving towards more functional products.  We're staying away from apparel but we're focusing on products.  Products that are everywhere aren't a good fit.

The Brigitte Crystal Headband

For Hex Goods the whole business is all about the designer and making them successful in the way they define success.  This can mean selling small quanitites on the weekends or scaling it up to larger quantities we want to help.


Anonymous said…
This project has died. Hex goods.com resolves to a non-existent Shopify storefront. Too bad - sounded like a cool idea.

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