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Lamp Design Project: Day 12

Day 12: We assemble the prototype. It gives us a good idea with what we have modled and where we need to make improvements. Pulling the parts out of the laser cutter. A modified halftone pattern laser cut into wood veneer to make the lamp shade, it should catch the light just right. Side View. Seeing what the general proportions of this thing look like. We used green acrylic to prototype with because we had the scrap. The final will be all white maybe. With the help of some springs and cord, this this stands buy itself, light stays put where you leave it. Even fully extended, need to work out the base for this thing. Thats it for today -Dan

Lamp Design Project: Day 11

Day 11: Much of our recent discussion and sketching has begun to focus on the E27 based lamps. In an effort to create a seamless DIY process that we should stick to a standard. It allows for a range of bulb choices (incandescent, CFL, LED) , relatively simple wiring, and a wide selection of available componentry that will allow for modification and exploration. We have spent time talking about what is need to construct a lamp and why some of the most practical and iconic lamps look the way they do. In able to create a predictable and adaptable lighting environment, the light source must be properly supported and controlled. The 4 bar mechanisms facilitates movement in the Z-axis while a swivel base allows rotation in the XY plane. The arm reaches out from the elbow holding the head; when the system is tensioned with the proper spring rates the lamp will firmly hold the bulb in place, until repositioned by the user. Some refinement sketches done with some Prismacolor pencils. Th

Lamp Design Project: Day 10

Day 10: At this point in the concepting phase we have two main contenders for the final lamp design. The first is based around the Dioder LED strips and the second is based around a conventional E27 light socket. For the LED stick design, Fed whipped up some basic geometries in Rhino, an easy to use NURBS based modeling package. Then brought the models into Keyshot for some rendering. In this way, we can quickly realize a design, down to the details of wood grain or material finish, in a matter of minutes. Seeing these renderings communicates a design intent that would take much longer than if done by hand; marker rendering or prototype. How about a red acrylic base and black walnut frame? Looks pretty sweet! nice and clean. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the same time we further refined the E27 socket concepts The design is highly influenced by the traditional LEKO lamp. We look to bring a modern appr

Lamp Design Project: Day 9

Day 9: As we continue the concepting phase of their project, Fed and I have spent a lot of time talking and sketching. Surrounding our selves with our distilled research and reference documents, as well as physical samples of lamp parts and available lighting materials, we are able to quickly generate and critiq ideas between ourselves. Laying out previous sketches and ideas, allows us to see areas we have explored and areas for development. Having the physical lamp component samples allows us to readily mockup realistic size and geometries that we could expect for our lamp. This was our only purchase from the IKEA trip we made last week. It is an LED based lighting system intended for under counter installation called Dioder. Fed and I were attracted to the kit because of the slender, modular LED PCB boards, each with 9 diodes, the individual lighsources for the kit. With slight modifications, these could make for a really clean, slender lamp. And bright! These next three pages

Lamp Design Project: Day 8

Day 8: Fed and Dan are back in 2012! with another lamp design update. We have been ideating and resource collecting for a while now and are starting to lay down some more directed thoughts. At this point we started to develop individual concepts, wether driven by a desired function or form language, ideas are put to paper. Each of these concept pages is a miniature story for a given lamp captured in the moment, through a sketch. This concept is examining the possibility of a expandable head. The three arms of the lamp head would articulate much in the way that a tripod's legs would. This would allow for the light to be focused or dispersed based on the users needs. This concept takes a playful approach to the presentation of light, the unzipping of a skin reveals the lamp and ramps up the light. This study examines possible construction methods, plates of steel or aluminum hold together wooden arms, reflecting back to our "embrace the nature" theme board. Also a

Hex Goods - A site for designers to sell unique products

At Inventables we believe the world is at the beginning of a new renaissance. We see power in product development shifting from major corporations to individual designers and entrepreneurs. The availability of low cost manufacturing tools and low cost distribution on internet sites are leveling the playing field. Small teams can now make unique high value products that major corporations can’t justify because they aren’t for the masses. At Inventables we understand it is harder for these smaller teams to source materials in smaller sizes and quantities for their new micro-production runs.  We get very excited when we see new companies popping up in this ecosystem and today we found one that we'd like to share. Zach Supalla, the founder of Hex Goods , an online boutique that features unique products from independent designers.  They seek out the best designers they can find, online and in person, and give them an avenue to feature and sell their products. Zach Supalla Inventab