Lamp Design Project: Day 7

Day 7:

Hello, So we had a great time yesterday at Pumping Station 1, we ended up enrolling in hackerspace with their $40/month "starving artist" membership. It gives us full access to the shop and space 24hrs a day and most importantly exposure to its highly creative members. This place will be a huge resource for us in the future.

Today we did some more hunting, we are still at the stage where we are really trying to wrap our heads around what and how makes a great lamp. We are understand the few necessary components and know need to find places to source them.

So on the Home Depot! One might not think HD would be the greatest place to source lamp parts but I think it will be a good start, plus they are pretty much everywhere. We would like to use parts that are fairly common and off the shelf. Piggybacking off of existing technology and products is good way to test the waters when designing something new for the first time. This approach will allow us to adapt and expand on top of, while ensuring we have a product that is safe and reliable

Home Depot actually has a dedicated lamp section within the Lighting department. Every type of wire, connector, or fiting the average "handy" dad might need to handle some mundane residential lighting. We aren't going to find the nicest components here but it will be a start.

Check it! Our work is done here. Just get a ceramic vase and an old lamp shade and slap this baby together! Haha just joking. We are going to get a little more involved than this, but it just goes to show you, this is not rocket science, people have been making their own lamps for years. But what does distinguish the task lamps we saw at Lightology from a highschoolers hodgepodge ceramic project, is the details. We will be trying to hone in on these details so that we can deliver a product that is simultaneously simple, reliable, easy to make and most importantly a pleasure to display and use.

We also made a trip out the 'burbs to hit up IKEA tonight. The furniture outlet has a fairly large lighting section and I had made a mental note of it last time I had been there.

So I took this picture and then my camera died. Boo, we drove all the way out there and have nothing to show., well not nothing. We ended up looking around for a while and found they had a lot of really approachable LED based lamps. We ended up picking up their DIODER under shelf lighting kit. It is a pretty cool modular system. The camera battery is on charge for the night I will post pictures of the kit tomorrow along with more ideation season notes/sketches.




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