Lamp Design Project: Day 6


Hello again,

I hope you had a nice holiday and are ready for the new year!
Today Fed and I take a field trip and visit the hackerspace, Pumping Station 1!

We were thinking about resources to prototype and build and a friend recommended this place to us. Located just north of us @ Sacremento and Elston, Pumping Station 1 (PS1) is a " collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture". It sounded exactly like what we were looking for and heard they had a laser cutter so we were in!

But first, Tacos! from La Finca, a small mexican restaurant across the street.

The PS1 logo, vinyl cut applied to the hallway as you walk in.

The main room is pretty big. We were checking out some soft goods supplies while the officers of PS1 held a meeting.

A classroom for anyone who has something to teach. Here someone is building some sort of CNC

The beginning of the electronics cave

A reprap, a low budget rapid prototyping 3d printer capable of printing its own components. Pretty sweet, complete with day-glow resin on the spool!

We took the time to get trained on the little epilog laser cutter they have.

It works!

More about the trip to PS1 and some ideation we did while were there tomorrow!



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