Lamp Design Project: Day 4

Hello Again,

I apologize for the delay, sometimes the life of a designer can be a little crazy. I work in Garfield Park for the design consultancy, Streng design and Federico is a designer at Radio Flyer in Elmwood Park. At the end of last week and all through weekend I was extremely busy in the office and I haven't had the chance to document any of our process.

At this point in the process we have visited a couple of retail stores, and specialty lighting shops. We've done online research, looking for innovative lamps and peaking trends. At this point we can start to further define the direction we are going to take with this lamp.

I do want to take a moment and define the parameters for this project. We are designing a lamp that is intended for the DIY beginner; that is, a kit that an end user can use to assemble a finished lamp. It will be based on a system that is fairly open sourced, simple in construction and design. We want to create a kit that functions as a lamp but also inspires the user to explore its form, making alterations or hacks fairly easily. We may use cutting edge technology but only if it can be easily approached and grasped.

That being said, some visuals for the night:

Fed and I have assembled 4 theme boards to guide our concept ideation process. We drew key inspiration points together, forming the themes to function as lose aesthetic or stylistic guidelines. The true function and concept for the lamp is yet to be determined but these will serve as our launch pads for now.

white space really embodies purity and simplicity. these forms need not hide behind any hue. simple, timeless

embrace the natural was really based around the integration of materials. take for example, the stool from CB2, beautiful walnut lumber held together with simple steel hardware. use the materials for what they are good for. be true to the materials.

celebrate the mechanism is very similar to the last mood board but it is all about function. breaking down a complicated task into simple mechanisms and really showing them off. show the process and celebrate the thinking that went into it.

pop of color was a visual trend that we find everywhere. Too often design trys to do too many things at once. the things we notice are those which are deliberate and confident. one color, used where needed, highlighting playfulness and a full spirit.


Jeo Fazzio said…
Excellent post on modern desk lamps, Good one..
Jeo Fazzio said…
Awesome blog on designer lamps and modern lights...

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