Lamp Design Project: Day 3

Day 3:

Hello Again,

welcome to day 3, the second day of onsite research. Today we are going to a dedicated lighting shop up in River North. A friend recommended Lightology to me for its huge selection, great staff, and museum-like displays

Really nice anodized aluminium task lamps

A very museum-like display showing the range of color temperatures. They had allot of this type of display, very informative and very clear in illustration.

Probably the coolest thing I have seen all year: This bowl and LED's are coated in phosphorus glass, as your hand enters the bath of LED's your body makes the connections lighting up the LED's. Soo cool. This display is worth a trip to this store!

Very fancy, silk chandelier

Rugged Cast aluminum task lamps

Very organic LED array under neath this task lamp.

The ribbon like form this lamp takes is inspiring

A metal mesh chandilier

Check out the Al heat sinks on the head of this lamp, and the wood veneer shade, very awesome look.

Ok, Im headed to IKEA and Home Depot later to look at some hardware.

I will post again soon with some more concise thoughts on all our findings, and our next steps. For now everything new we see is just another reference point.



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