Lamp Design Project: Day 2

Day 2:

Fed + Dan go to CB2 + Hortons

welcome Today and Tomorrow are going to be devoted to showing some onsite research we are doing to complement the online stuff we are doing. It is the perfect way to re-affirm and discover new ideas, get our hands on some real products, and further develop the landscape we are exploring. When we find inspiration or places on confusion we make notes, to come back to later on in the design process. So sit back and enjoy some pictures and commentary from todays outing.

CB2 near North & Clyborn

A nice little task lamp

Fed in front of a great wall of color, CB2 was a great place to gauge current color trends.

Cool pulley chandelier mechanism

Nice junction of painted steel and wood on this stool

Fun Acrylic flowers!

On to Horton's Lighting across the street!

Interesting task lamps

Awesome light saber-ish hanging lights

This place had allot of ceiling fans and vanities. Not really what we were looking for but still gave a bunch of reference points.

Nice wall mount unit.

These images capture some of the more interesting things we saw on our trip and will help direct use towards a final design that is both on the cusp of current trends and functionally relevant.

So thats it for today! Come back tomorrow, we will be going to a dedicated lighting store and maybe a few others along the way.




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