Lamp Design Project: Day 1


I would like to introduce a small design project to the inventables blog. A documentation of the collaboration between two young designers; myself, Daniel Schaumann, and my roommate, Federico Rios. Fed and I are coming together to tackle one of the most iconic and tested product categories, the lamp. We will be blogging every day for a few weeks to document or progress through our design process. From research, to ideation, through concept creation, prototyping and delivering a finished product; we will be sharing our every step. We hope to make this as exciting for you, our viewers, as it is for us as designers. Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Day 1:

Today, Federico and I wanted to gain a perspective on the current product landscape. We searched popular blogs, online retailers, forums, etc.. for lamps that peeked our interest, noting material and construction choices as well as function and overall form. We found inspiration in everything from high tech, premium market products to simple DIY one-offs that re-purposed materials to add function or experience. We distilled our findings into quantified criteria, laying the frame work for the available product landscape. Researching online, is a simple, quick first step to understanding whats out there, and what sparks our imagination. It allows us to take the necessary next steps and get our hands and eyes on some select, available lamps and surrounding materials and technologies that we would like to further investigate. This early research will allow us to deliver a concept and product that is at the apex of innovation and on target with current trends.

Below is a landscape we populated w/ selections from the nearly 50 lamps we found.

A personal goal of ours is to include as many nice photos of of process as well so here is a quick pick of where allot of the magic will happen. Fed and I’s desks.

See you Back here tomorrow!



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