HCII at Carnegie Mellon

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) is an interdisciplinary community of students and faculty at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). This community is dedicated to research and education in topics related to computer technology in support of human activity and society. Although the HCII is headquartered within the School of Computer Science, members of the community represent a broad spectrum of the CMU campus including the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tepper School of Business, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Software Engineering Institute, as well as the School of Computer Science.

 Justine Cassell is the Director of the HCII.  Her research interests originated in the study of human-human conversation and storytelling. Progressively she became interested in allowing computational systems to participate in these activities. This new technological focus led her to deconstruct the linguistic elements of conversation and storytelling in such a way as to embody machines with conversational, social and narrative intelligence so that they could interact with humans in human-like ways. Increasingly, however, her research has come to address the impact and benefits of technologies such as these on learning and communication.

Inventables is a big fan of groups like this becuase they are working to push forward the state of the art when it comes to how humans use technology. Defering judgement and thinking beyond the traditional keyboard and mouse.

Chris Harrison, a third year HCII PhD student, has developed what he calls the the OmniTouch. The project was done in collaboration with Microsoft Research and Scott Hudson, professor of HCII. Here's a quick video demo:

A bunch of students have recently started ordering products from Inventables.  We can't wait to see what other cool projects they are working on!


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