Glen Liberman from Kinekt Design

Last week, we spoke to Glen Liberman from Kinekt Design ( Glen launched his company with the patented Gear Ring, which features six micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun. The Gear Ring currently has over 1 million views on YouTube (

Glen has been designing since his 3rd year in college where he became interested in making prototypes of objects and products. Please find three examples of his work below:

One of his most recent design objects, inspired by Toshio Iwai’s Electroplankton game, is a square object designed to convey a sound wave. For fabrication, Glen intends to make each limited edition object out of glass and create a “new kind of snow globe” by filling the object with water and tiny plastic “square wave” fish.

Glen describes another design, Bauhouse Blocks, as a play on the German art movement, Bauhaus. To help convey the concept, Glen added in doors and chimneys to the circle, square, and triangle shapes.

A third design is called Vector Weapons. He designed pop-out/punch parts from which the weapons could be made. Using a laser cutter, the Weapons were fabricated.

If you would like to see more of Glen╩╝s personal work, please visit Aesthetic Invention ( A huge thanks goes out to Glen for sharing his work and incredible design with the world!


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