University of Illinois ID Senior Show

On Friday April 29th I attended the University of Illinois Industrial Design Senior Show hosted by Beyond Design in Chicago.

Thirty Five students of the 2011 senior class showcased their projects on boards hung up around the perimeter of the studio.

A few of the projects that stood out to me were the Axis spray paint gun, the D5R professional concept camera and the Lay Line.

The Lay Line is a hospital tube and cord organizer.  In my opinion it's value goes beyond that because it attempts to humanize the hospitalization process by making the wrist band fun. In addition to organizing the cords a doctor or patent can customize what the band says with stickers.  For kids this adds a little bit of fun to a traditionally medicinal process.

The designer responsible for this project was Brian Moy (pictured above).  I was impressed that Brian took the extra step of creating a functional prototype using Sugru.  Sugru is a modeling clay that one exposed to air it cures into a touch flexible silicone overnight.  You can work and shape it for about 30 minutes and it will cure 3-5mm deep in 24 hours.  Below is a picture of his prototype.

From my seat each year the projects are getting better and better.  Thanks a ton to Beyond Design for hosting the event!


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