‘Rebuildables’ Design Challenge - Inventables/IDSA Chicago

Inventables and IDSA Chicago are partnering to offer a unique design challenge opportunity. The challenge is to create a product that utilizes one of Inventables’s newest materials: hand-moldable plastic. This design competition is open to all IDSA professional and student members.

Every participant will have a unique opportunity to work with this popular new material (hand-moldable plastic) while having an opportunity to create a bunch of sleek, open products; to discover some novel uses for hand-moldable plastic; to inspire building among students; and to provide a gateway into selling a product. Inventables will work with participants to source materials from Inventables’s online resources as well as source materials that can grow the Inventables library.

Please join us on May 12 at Inventables, 600 W. Van Buren #602, Chicago, Illinois 60607.

Design Goal
Create a product that utilizes hand-moldable plastic while being:
Beautiful: the product should look professional.
Functional: the final product cannot be merely ornamental. It has to do something.
Easily recreatable: instructions for building your product must be posted online.
Appealing to a high school or college student: We hope to inspire building among the age group.

Teams: Open to IDSA Professional/Student members.

Final Deliverables/Rewards
Anyone entering the challenge will be required to post their product on Kickstarter. At the end of a 4 week period, the participant/team with the highest Kickstart pledges for the completed project will receive a cash prize.

Clear process presentation
- Bill of Materials
- Tools Required
- Assembly instructions for building your own at home
Beautiful Renderings
2D Drawings/Orthographic containing basic dimensions
3D Model/Prototype using hand-moldable plastic

May 12 = Kick-off Presentation at Inventables, 600 W. Van Buren #602, Chicago, Illinois 60607.

May 19 = Check-in with Inventables. (Participants can email Inventables with questions) Teams pick up kick-off goodies (Hand Moldable Plastic)

May 26 = Participants continue posting process online

June 2 = Final deliverable due to Inventables for judging (Prizes Awarded to winner as well as winner of Kickstart pledges)

1. First place gets $500 cash
2. Second place gets $250 gift certificate to Inventables


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