Glow in the dark ribbon

This material provides light without electricity. Since it is super thin and tear resistant it can be sewn into garments.

The material activates within 5 minutes exposure to ambient or sunlight light sources.
The brightness is directly proportional to light intensity and exposure, however maximum brightness is achieved with exposure to 30 minutes of direct light.

The brightest light is evident in darkened conditions during the first 3 to 4 hours after
exposure. Brightness will diminish slowly until recharged in ambient or sunlight. Total
perceptible glow can be visible up to a maximum of 12 hours.

What would you make with it?


Allen Knutson said…
A hat seems good: it'll get maximum exposure, and as it gets dark but you want to illuminate something, you can easily take off your hat and move it near the thing to be illuminated (e.g., a book in your lap).

(Sudden flashback to using a glowstick to read a book at an outdoor concert, when I was little.)
Anonymous said…
Get me some ASAP and I'll let you in on a great use!
Denise C. said…
I would make parking lot strips for evening hours. has some good information on how to start the patent process along with help finding patent attorneys and patent agents.
Unknown said…
Both the colors look great! Thansk for sharing

Glow in the dark ribbon
Unknown said…
Wow! These look amazing. Thanks for sharing

glow in the dark ribbon

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