Innovative food, drink, and utensils

Chicago is home to a lot of innovative restaurants. Moto, and Alinea have turned traditional fine dining into an interactive and scientific experience. Recently Grant Achatz has launched a new bar called Aviary. Working with Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail they have designed the food and drink and the glassware and utensils.

Food has become a commodity and getting a great meal is becoming more commonplace than it used to be. Fine dining restaurants like these are adding more value by making eating with them an experience that goes well beyond nice decor. In many regards this is becoming dinner theater. Rather than grabbing a bite to eat and watching actors have some amazing experiences in a movie why not get a bite to eat and have those amazing experiences yourself.

In this video Grant and Craig Schoettler create a drink served "in the rocks," using a blast chiller to form hollow ice shapes. An old fashioned made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, demerara syrup and housemade orange bitters is injected into the hollow ice using a syringe. The customer uses a utensil to crack the ice and release the cocktail contained within.


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