Heat Shielding Gel Demonstration

If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million.

At Inventables we are always working on making R&D inspiring and easy to do. Last year we launched the innovator's hardware store. Our goal over the next year is to build tools eliminate complexity from the process. Big companies have big budgets, experts, a network of suppliers, and equipment. We hope to be able to provide an online experience for everyone else that makes it just as easy for a small lean team to work on building a prototype.

Today we posted a prototype demonstration video. We invest in making our product pictures tell a story so you can look at the page quickly and understand how it works rather than requiring the visitor to already know the product or read lots of text to figure it out. Even with a picture sometimes it is still hard to fully understand. For example in this picture of the Heat Shielding Gel we got a blow torch and a plastic bottle. Someone looking at the picture gets the idea but you don't really know what happens next. Does the bottle melt? If you trust us that the gel protects the bottle, how long does it last?

Enter video. Matt Binns over at Giant Globes was inspired by Inventables and decided to put together this demonstration video for us. It's about a minute long and shows the heat shielding gel in action in his workshop. Take a look and tell us what you think.


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