Where do you find new materials?

If you're an industrial designer or mechanical engineer you might be wondering where do you find new materials? Inventables has recently launched an online hardware store for product developers we call the "Innovators Hardware Store".  In the store we sell all sorts of new materials and technologies that can be used for product development.  Typically most of these materials have only been available in high volume orders but we are working with manufacturers to make them available in small quantities for prototyping and short runs.  Here's a look at one of the homepages we're testing.

Our goal is to democratize access to materials.  This means we are trying to make them easier to understand with plain language descriptions and pictures that tell their story, sold in small enough quantities that a general audience can buy them, and available for purchase online with a credit card.  As we continue to develop the store we will continue to try and make it even easier for folks to get access.

We're looking for beta testers that have experience using new materials in prototypes or other product development projects to come into our office.  You can find our contact info and read more about us on our website.

If you have an answer to where do you find new materials, we want to know!


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