We're hiring a Product Curator and Sourcer

We’re hiring a Product Curator and Sourcer to curate the selection of products we sell in our innovators hardware store. This person will be responsible for researching and vetting manufacturers, selecting products, setting up our supply chain, and writing product descriptions.
We’re looking for someone with an engineering background (probably mechanical) that is also an excellent writer. You’ve probably built things your whole life and you love engineering. This position requires someone that will transform highly technical product specifications into accessible, fun, yet accurate product pages that inspire our customers to buy them and use them in their projects.  

This person will be responsible for helping our customers solve their R&D problems by optimizing our product selection and by setting the vision for how each product is portrayed on our site. To succeed you will need to:
  • Manage the product mix by proactively curating products into groups that solve the same or similar problems

  • Breaking down quarterly goals into group specific monthly quotas

  • Monitor weekly and monthly performance updating sales and sourcing plans accordingly

  • Work along side our fulfillment team to optimize our inventory

  • Work closely with our photographer to communicate the story each picture needs to tell

    Check out all the details and instructions on how to apply in our careers website.

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