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Miniature Web Server
A complete networking solution in a tiny package that enables a product to do things such as deliver personalized content, be remotely diagnosed or upgraded, and regulate speed, power or other states based on information being sent to it.
You can order these small, self-contained, Ethernet modules through Inventables.

Other Products you can order through Inventables:
Circular Polarized Films
These films cancel out bright ambient light that is reflected off the surfaceof a display.

Temperature Sensitive Ceramic NEW!
This ceramic product is unique due to its ability to change color through any kinof change in temperature.

Wall-mountable Packaging
These clips let you hang almost any hand-held package, up to 5 lbs, on almost any vertical surface.

Thanks for supporting Inventables throughout 2010. As we set our sights on the new year we look forward to adding many more exciting and useful products to our Innovator's Hardware Store so that we can inspire everyone, regardless of profession, to explore what's possible!


I work online as a freelance writer/editor for the Innovation Investment Journal ( do quite a bit of online research. I came across your website last week and got stuck on there looking at all the cool stuff you have to offer! I've been back several times since then (getting stuck for a while each time).

During the research I do, I come across all manner of cool stuff and used to bookmark website or email links to myself so that I would be able to find them again. This has resulted in hundreds of bookmarks so I recently started a blog so that I could store all this cool stuff and also share it with others. I've just done a blog post on your website and hope that some of the people who read it will visit and get blown away by all this cool stuff as I have been.
Zach Kaplan said…
Thanks Debbie, what's the link to the blog post?

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