A tale of 2 homepages - New Materials Resource

Inventables is working on democratizing access to new materials. We're an advocate for the little guy and we hope to level the playing field for small product development teams to be able to go up against giant Fortune 500 companies. With this mission in mind we've expanded our services to include the sale of new materials in our online store.

Since launching the online store the response has been tremendous. Our goal is to continue to remove barriers between "makers" and "prototypers" and their visions. The first way we are tackling this is by offering materials for sale in small quantities that are typically hard to find or unavailable. The second thing we're doing is redesigning our homepage for this new business model. Specifically we have re-designed two versions. The first uses vertical categories. The default view is the most recently purchased products and down the left side you can review all the different categories we offer. Within each category we have subcategories. If this version wins we will continue to develop it and add additional filters to help a visitor narrow down their search to find the products that meet all their criteria.

The second version takes an editorial approach. We tell a story of how the materials sold on our site have been used in the past as a way to inspire visitors to the site to think about how they could be used in the future.

Click the links, try out both home pages, and let us know which one you like better by posting a comment to this blog post or tweeting us @inventables.


Timothy H. said…
love the second version. it's interesting, unique and inspiring. feels like Inventables.

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