What materials are used in windows that break in movies?

Ever wonder how actors jump through a window but then live to talk about it on late night talk shows? Sometimes they use computer graphics but that's not the only way to create the special effect.

A product called Rubber Glass, lets you create special effects that simulate glass without the inherent dangers. Unlike other transparent plastics, this one breaks with the same spiderweb, shattering pattern as glass.

It uses a polyurethane that enables you to create glass and ice-like objects without the hassles of conventional breakaway plastic products. Unlike other plastics, this product cures at room temperature; once cured, it is odorless and easy to handle. You mix it up and shape it into whatever you need.

Rubber Glass is a non-toxic silicone that simulates broken glass or ice. Once you combine the two bottles, you let it cure to form a soft, clear rubber, and then crumble it. The film Die Another Day used over 1.5 tons of it, and several other films rely on it to create broken glass and ice chips.


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