Fish Leather

Everyone is familiar with leather from cattle hide. This kind of leather has become synonymous with jackets, baseball gloves, and racing pants like these.

Cowhide leather better watch out because there is a new game in leather. Fish leather typically comes from four different varieties of fish: perch, salmon, wolffish, and cod. The leather comes from fish commonly caught for food. As you might expect, this means these materials are a by-product reclaimed from food processing activities. In the past the hides have often been discarded. Fish leather is being used in everything from purses to women's shoes. Some big brands you've heard of including Prada, Dior, Nike, Ferragamo and Puma have used it in some of their products.

The leather comes in small strips or can be made into panels using 7 strips which is useful when making larger items.

Check out the salmon fish leather we have here, samples are now available.


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