Out teach your competition

At Inventables, we believe that when it comes to trying to sell your product, educating customers is more effective than interrupting them. Traditional advertisers and marketers use the model of interruption to get people to buy their products. Interrupting with cold calls, interrupting with TV ads, interrupting with magazine ads, the approach is to insert the advertisement for their product in something else that their potential customer is interested in.

We believe the internet has made it possible to end these interruptions. Interruptions are not pleasant, and they lower our productivity. Google Adwords has made the most significant dent in ending these interruptions. Thanks to Adwords, rather than interrupting a TV show to tell the masses about a new camera, Canon can instead target a customer who is actually in the process of researching and buying a camera online. The customer clicks on the ad and has an opportunity to learn about the product. From my own experience, I tend to read online customer reviews and check technical specifications on the manufacturer's website. Adwords makes it possible for Canon and other companies to turn this type of online research into a potential sale without using the model of interruption.

We think this is a better model. We've designed Inventables so vendors that manufacture materials can advertise those materials for free. Rather than following the traditional advertising model, we've created, and continue to refine, a template to help vendors educate potential customers by writing about what their product is, how it works, and how it has been used in the past.

We've noticed that vendors who provide more detail about their materials get more traffic and, thus, more sales leads worth their time. This is because adding more content to a profile increases the chances that the profile will come up when a buyer does a keyword search on our site. If vendors aren't maximizing their potential keywords, buyers simply may never see their profiles or their products.

We believe that this is the future of advertising industrial products. The days of interrupting engineers to tell them about your new material or technology are numbered. Some vendors, like Eastman Chemical, caught on to this trend early and built websites like the Innovation Lab. Inventables is building a platform that allows everyone else to educate their customers, without having to make the massive investment that Eastman made with their site. Try it out by describing your materials, and let the customers come to you.


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