Midventures25 - Big Check from Inventables

Congratulations to the founders of G2.fm for winning $1000 from Inventables for winning the 2010 MidVentures25.

Tonight over 250 people gathered at MidVentures 25 in downtown Chicago. The event was a showcase of 25 startups from Chicago and the surrounding Midwest.

Fred Hoch from the ITA donated an entire floor from their building and the startups gave demos at tables. The panel of judges went around to each startup to learn about what they were doing.

A few of the startups there were Fippex, Thinklinkr, and G2.fm. All 25 startups are listed here.

The kings of the night were Jason Weingarten and Bobby Aguilera of G2.fm.Their site connects musicians venues and fans around the world. You might think of them as the online community where bands/artists share music and connect with the venues and fans. They came up with the concept for G2.fm from their personal experiences as musicians, promoters, and booking agents. Their successes, as well as lessons from past frustrations, inspired them to streamline the booking process, saving Artists time and money, while creating new revenue streams for their partners.

Tonight all the hard worked paid off when held the $1000 prize check from Inventables!


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