Inventables at the Housewares Show

On Monday March 15th at the 2010 International Home + Housewares Show at McCormick Place in Chicago Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan will be panelist along with Carl Cepress, Leonard Rau in the Design Theater from 3:30 – 4:20. The conversation will be relevant for designers and other attendees interested in product development. Three perspectives will be represented: materials used in the products, marketing, and design.

Each panelist will discuss their favorite items at the show and provide an explanation of why they are fond of them. The panelists have been instructed not to hold anything back so the controversial "worst products at the show" will be discussed as well.

The conversation will consider material usage, branding, design, trends, and overall innovation. Each panelist has been given a photo-badges and will be taking pictures during the show. These photos will be used as part of the conversation. Vendors are invited to join the conversation during the Q&A section.


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