Sales Leads Worth Your Time

The brand promise we stand by at Inventables is "Sales Leads Worth Your Time". We have chosen this promise because we believe our business will only be successful if the vendors that list their products on our site increase their sales by working with us. We understand that every lead is not going to turn into new business but we hope to introduce only the ones that have a good shot.

In this blog post I'll explain how "Sales leads worth your time" has helped shape our product development on

1. We qualify each sales lead and offer the opportunity to buy the sales lead AFTER the vendor gets a chance to review the qualifications and the inquiry. This means vendors are not just buying a name and an email address they are purchasing a lead that has been qualified and they have read a description of what the potential business opportunity is. By letting vendors review leads BEFORE they pay it reduces the risk that marketing dollars start chasing dead ends.

2. As of 2/2/2010 we are offering a money back guarantee on any lead purchased from our site. If the lead was not "worth your time" we will offer a 100% money back guarantee. We are doing this because we think it's critically important to put our money where our mouth is and back up "sales leads worth your time" with some cold hard cash. We plan to keep this policy in place unless it gets abused in which case we will be forced to make an adjustment.

3. We are building the site in such a way that it gets "smarter" the more it is used. This means features like "You might also like" are constantly changing as more people use the site. We are collecting all sorts of usage data that help us predict what buyers might be interested in and the corresponding sales leads that vendors will find valuable. Over time as the sites usage grows these algorithms will improve the "signal to noise" ratio on our site meaning the probability of finding what you need will increase.

4. Listing your product on Inventables is free. We don't charge any up front listing fees because it would not help us deliver sales leads worth your time.

We understand that this approach is not conventional so we're excited to hear your comments and feedback.


The money back guarantee is one of the best offers a business can give. imho. Thanks for sharing.

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