Larry Lessig - ORD Talk

Larry Lessig gave an interesting talk on "Institutional Corruption" at the Google Chicago office home to the data liberation front. As the director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University and a professor of law at Harvard Law School he is going to be studying this topic over the next five years.

Typically when people discuss corruption they talk about a specific person that has done something evil. Larry is studying how certain social systems lend themselves to corruption. He focused on the United States congress explained that congressmen leave their seat in congress to work as lobbyists after they hold elected office because they can make more money. He explained that becoming a Congressmen has become a "business model" for some and cited a statistic that 50% of Senators since 1980 have moved on and become a lobbyist. He called Congress a “farm league for K Street.”

Larry is most famous for being the founder of Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a way for content creators to take control of how they choose to share their intellectual property. You may be familiar with "all rights reserved". Creators that choose to use Creative Commons licensing open up the doors for derivative works.


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