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The Inventables exploration budget is intended to keep our team creative while quenching our curiosity. At Inventables we’re institutionalizing a “safe” way for all employees to explore the unknown; we call it our Exploration Budget. Each month, employees get a budget for personal exploration, in addition to our month group explorations. The group explorations have taken us to unique places, brought otherwise unavailable experiences to our office, and afforded us the opportunity to play with innovative new products. This month Phil Lomac was in charge and he got some Idea Paint and decided we were going to paint a wall in our conference room to make a projection screen surface and a dry erase wall all in one.

The paint is a dry erase coating that transforms anything smooth into a high performance dry erase writing surface. We thought this would be a good tool would not only give us a good surface to use our projector on but might inspire interesting collaborations or ways to "mark up" what we're projecting on the wall. When the paint arrived we were surprised to see how much thought they put into the packaging. I overheard someone say "Wow! This paint is packaged like an iPod".

The paint comes in two containers. The cans are cleverly labeled "This" and "That". The idea is it's a two part chemical and this needs to be poured into that. The "That" can is only filled up about halfway so there is room at the top for the chemicals in the "This" can. After you mix them you have about an hour to get the paint on the wall.

The first thing we did was prime and tape the wall. This prepared it and help to cover up the blue stripe.

After sanding the surface to make it smooth the painting began.

The projection screen part is ready to go but we need to wait 7 days for the dry erase portion to work. We'll give an update next week.


Anonymous said…
How did it go?
Zach Kaplan said…
The project went well. After 7 days the paint cured. Since we had a handful of painters we missed a few spots and we're going to do some sanding and touchups.

My favorite thing is to project a website on the wall and use dry erase markers to mark it up.
I have a room that I'd love to have a large dry erase board without having a big board hanging out in the open. Do you think this idea paint could be painted on a cheap Projector screen? To make a roll-up dry erase board?
Zach Kaplan said…
I don't know. You'll probably want to ask the company that sells it that questions http://www.ideapaint.com/

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