Chicago Startups - Meetup

On Feb 18th, 2010 from 7:00 - 8:00 two Chicago entrepreneurs Pek Pongpaet and Sean Corbett will do an experience share about customer development in their respective startups Tweetlytics and HaveMyshift.

HaveMyShift is a web startup that helps shift workers trade shifts with their co-workers. Their web app makes take the responsibility of dealing with conflicting schedules off of managers. A quick scan of their site shows that Baristas from Starbucks are already using the site.

Tweetlytics provides Twitter Analytics for Brand Monitoring and Buzz Tracking. Pek demoed it at ORDSessions at Inventables and the interface is pretty slick. This time Pek will be discussing his approach to lean startup and creating a business from the ground up.

At 8:30, everyone will walk over to a local watering hole for drinks.

If you're involved in a startup in Chicago we hope to see you there.


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