We're hiring! Ruby on Rails - Software Engineers

We believe the best software is written by intentionally small teams that know how to make the impossible possible. We use agile software development techniques to relentlessly focus our coding efforts on solving our business goals. We pair program, and we follow the red-green-refactor loop relentlessly. We deliver early and often. We believe that these practices lead to higher code quality. The team includes our Lead Developer, who is an agilist with a passion for building products that people love to use and a UI Designer, with a passion for usability.

You’ll be our 7th full time employee so we’re looking for someone that wants to work in a VC funded startup that was formerly bootstrapped. You have a passion for web development, are self-motivated, and enjoy working in a user-focused, highly intelligent, entrepreneurial environment. We look for aptitude not experience but you probably have experience working with dynamic languages, are ruthless about testing & refactoring, and bring superior programming skills in the following areas:

Ruby, Rails
Object-oriented programming
BDD/TDD, Agile practices
Pair programming
Javascript, CSS, AJAX
Linux server/stack administration (Apache, MySQL, Postfix, etc)

Full details are here:


Alexander said…
sounds very interesting

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