TEDx Windy City

In 2005 Zach Kaplan (me) the CEO of Inventables was invited to give a TED talk at the conference in Monterey California. In those days Inventables had launched a product called DesignAid that was similar to jelly of the month club but instead of jelly our subscribers got samples of innovative materials and technologies.

This year Zach has been invited back to TED but this time it's TEDx Windy City sponsored by the Museum of Science and Industry, Pivotal Productions, and hosted at Flashpoint Academy.

Other speakers include Donald Marinelli, Head of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University and Dawn Hancock, Creative Director and Owner of Firebelly Design and the Moderator is Dr. Rabiah Mayas, Science Director of the Center for the Advancement of Science Education at the Museum of Science and Industry.

In the spirit of the TED tradition there will be a few amazing performances by the circuit bending duo of RothMobot.


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