The sales funnel

The folks over at ReachForce are a team of long time B2B marketers. Their business is focused on providing businesses with custom, high quality, targeted contact lists to fuel their marketing and sales lead generation initiatives.

Their blog covers B2B lead generation, sales, and marketing. A recent post outlines an update to the traditional sales funnel that considers the web.

In their words:
"The Sales 2.0 Funnel (see Figure below) updates traditional sales and marketing cycles by identifying each stage of the Sales 2.0 process and providing you with a sampling of new Web-based technologies that enable you to approach each step in a faster, more cost effective, and measurable way."

Using their categories, we consider Inventables sales leads to be "qualified named prospects". Our goal is to deliver qualified named prospects worth your time. As a vendor, when you tune your product profile on Inventables it will help you only get the ones that are worth your time.


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