LED Light Diffusing Plastic Compounds

Plastic compounding is a way to enhance plastic for use in products. The process is done by a company called a "plastic compounder" who mixes plastic like a "chef" would mix ingredients. Engineers at the plastic compounding company mix plastic formulations by mixing or/and blending polymers and additives by heating them up until they "flow" in a molten state. Machines called co-kneaders and twin screws (co- and counter rotating) as well internal mixers are the most common used compounders in the plastic industry.

This is one example of a specialty plastic that is created using the compounding plastic.


Dipendra Baoni said…

Thanks for the information about this plastic. I'm trying to find out if this plastic is available for injection molding or does this come in sheets only?

My requirement is for an moldable form. What is the other plastic i could use for injection molding that has diffusing properties for light.

Zach Kaplan said…
This plastic is sold for molding, it does not come in sheet form. You can inquire to the vendor on this page: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/led-light-diffusing-plastic-compounds

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