Materials Guru - Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri has always been an inspiration to us here at Inventables. His book Plastics inspired the design of the original Inventables webpages and DesignGuide.
Chris is an accomplished designer and an internationally recognized authority on materials and their application in design. His achievements in this area have created a bridge between manufacturers and the chemical and design industries.
Chris hosts some fantastic strategy workshops and exhibitions like the 100% materials show in London. This work has introduced material suppliers to new design industry customers and encouraged designers to involve new materials in their creativity.
When you think of Material books Chris Lefteri is one of the greats. He's written six books on design and material innovation can be found in most design studios around the world. If you've been in design for awhile you've probably already read them, but if you are just getting started here's something to add to your holiday gift list.


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