Buyer Story - Chocolate that sparkles!

Cinnamon Honey, Raspberry Puree, Banana Rum, Pistachio, Coffee Sour Cherry are a few of the amazing chocolate flavors that you can experience from Antoine Amrani Chocolates. These Chocolates give an eye-catching, distinctly shimmering visual appeal. Famous Chocolatier, Antoine Amrani, has caused people to crave his luxurious chocolates. The chocolate comes from France and the ingredients are natural. Every piece is created by hand and the flavors masterminded by Antoine himself. Created in a luxury chocolate factory in East Norton, Philadelphia, these chocolates are one of a kind.
Photo by: Ruggieri Photography|

Antoine is passionate about what he does and hopes these “chocolates will be enjoyed in the tradition of family, friendship, and the celebration of food,” as he did in his family. It is evident that Antoine truly enjoys creating such exciting flavors and textures, like Cinnamon Honey, pictured above middle. All of these amazing chocolate combinations made by hand! Even the chocoholics taste buds cannot get enough of Antoine Amrani Chocolates. It has been quoted by local Chicago Founder-Chef, Jean Banchet, of restaurant La Francais that “Antoine Amrani has created the finest chocolates in the United States.” To earn this level of respect the Antoine Amrani Chocolates is constantly innovating. Recently the company found new ways to enhance the decoration of their chocolates at that help Antoine Amrani create an eye-catching, dazzling display. For the Holidays, give the chocolate lover in your life a little taste of heaven. The luxurious Antione Amrani Chocolates can be purchased at


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