Calling all Industrial Marketers and Salespeople - STOP COLD CALLING

Nobody likes cold calling. Cold calls are uncomfortable for the sales people making them and they are uncomfortable for the prospective customers that receive them. If this is true why do some sales and marketing professionals do it?

Here at Inventables we consider cold calls to be a form of what Seth Godin might refer to as interruption marketing. Seth actually wrote a book on Permission Marketing during his days at Yahoo! At Inventables we think about this choice from the prospective of people who use our site everyday to find new materials for their projects - product developers.

Product developers have a love hate relationship with interruption marketing. They love learning about new possibilities. Learning about new materials and technologies is essential for everyone working on new product development. When they learn about a new material like synthetic paper it expands their understanding of what's possible. With this new understanding, they can create an innovation or product feature that is new to their customers like a waterproof book. These same people can't get any work done during the day because they are constantly being interrupted by phone calls and meetings. Corporations are concerned too, Microsoft commissioned a study to determine how long it takes their employees to get back to the task they were working on after they were interrupted. They found it takes their workers on average 15 minutes to get back into the task after they were interrupted.

We hope the new Inventables Marketplace will put an end to cold calls product developers receive. If industrial marketers use our site to clearly describe their products then they will get inbound sales leads worth their time and spend their days going deeper with each potential customer rather than spending time on the phone making random introductions.


Leigh said…
hear hear! totally agree. thank you inventables.
Anonymous said…
Opulently I agree but I about the brief should have more info then it has.
Alexander said…
I have my own company and need to cold call to get business. If done properly then I think it can be very effective.

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