Industrial Marketing

Traditional advertising requires marketers to assume risk. There is a risk they will pay for an advertisement and the new sales revenue generated from the advertising will not be enough to provide a return on their investment. Purchasing an ad in a magazine, a banner advertisement on a website, or purchasing a booth at a trade show all require an upfront payment in the hope that customers will come. We believe industrial marketing can now be guaranteed to provide return on investment.

Inventables is challenging the old industrial marketing model.

Inventables is a website where vendors that manufacture materials or technologies can create online profiles for their products in order to generate sales leads. Potential customers looking to source new materials and technologies browse through these profiles everyday and submit inquiries about products they are interested in. As a vendor, you are notified by email each time your Inventables profile receives a new inquiry and given an opportunity to purchase the corresponding sales lead.

Advertising dollars spent on are guaranteed to deliver a return on Investment. We don't believe industrial marketers should be paying for exposure that is not resulting in serious business conversations. When a potential buyer sends an inquiry about your product, you have the option to purchase the sales lead or pass. You only pay for sales leads you are interested in. This means that you are only paying for sales leads worth your time.

Smart industrial marketers are already taking advantage of this more efficient approach to attracting new customers.


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