Design Compeition: What's Bubbling

For the second year in a row Inventables is working with World Kitchen on a design competition. Last year's Tea Off was a success with 240 entries attracted an impressive level of quality from around the globe. With three outstanding Award Winners and 25 Honorable Mentions, we celebrated design innovation at the International Home + Housewares Show in March.

The guiding principle for the contest is: participants retain ownership of designs, subject to World Kitchen’s right of first refusal. (One of the many points you will want to read up about in the Rules.)

Dining is an experience expressive of lifestyle, economics, ethnicity and heritage. It is imbued with meaning and ritual, as well as function. At its most basic, it nourishes the body; at its best it nourishes the spirit.

Dining is an opportunity for a meaningful experience, for sharing and connection through food.

Change is the fuel that design innovation thrives on. It inspires us by asking the question, “How can we make this experience better?”

World Kitchen is "crowdsourcing" new product designs and invites you to submit concepts that elevate the experience of serving, sharing and consuming food. Investigate how to contribute new aesthetic, functional and emotional dimensions, from sheer beauty and sensual pleasure to better ergonomics and thermal and mechanical performance.

Inventables invites you to browse our online marketplace of materials like Heat Sensing Plastic and LED Light Diffusing Compounds to inspire and influence your innovations.

The entire “tablescape” is your palette and you decide your dining canvass. Consider today’s many lifestyles and the changing nature of dining across cultures and social groups. Check out all the details on the What's Bubbling website.


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