Buyer Story - Mixed Martial Arts shorts

Craig Diamond of Diamond MMA is rethinking fight shorts using Inventables Marketplace. He's looking at options for cushioning that can reduce the pain a fighter feels from a kick or a punch. Protection has typically been foams or liquid gels. Foams tend to become too hot and humid for prolonged contact with the body, and liquid gels will leak if punctured; worse, they bottom out: Liquid gels become unevenly distributed until there is no liquid left at the highest pressure points – exactly where it is needed most. This smart gel forms a shock-absorbing, elastic cushion that does not bottom out, evenly distributes weight and won’t leak if punctured.

Recently Craig found this cushioning gel and smashed his hand with a hammer to demonstrate how it works.

Stay tuned to the DiamondMMA website as progress on their products progresses.


Diamond mma said…
Cool commercials! Glad to see some using technolgy to finally protect the "family jewels"!
SusanDiamond said…
Disclaimer!!! I am Craig Diamond's Mom, but even so I can make an unbiased comment on the gel Diamond MMA is using for the new cup. The look and feel of the product is amazing. Anything that can protect a bare hand being whacked with a hammer and steel pipe is going to be very tough when combined with the actual all-in-one fight short. Looking forward to the launch.
Jay said…
AWESOME VIDEO! Who else is showing this kind of testing through video like DiamondMMA? Nobody! Hurry up and launch the product so I can save myself from those painful shots to the groin.

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