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CNC Projects for Bathroom Accessories

When trying to brainstorm your next X-Carve project, sometimes one of the best places to look for inspiration is right in front of you. Little office or kitchen accessories can make great projects but today, we’re going to look at four bathroom accessories that you can make with the help of Easel and X-Carve. Hardwood and Corian Shave Kit This first project comes to us thanks to Fred from Ohio. This shave kit is a modular set which is perfect for keeping things organized in a small space.  To get started, you’ll need ¾” thick hardwood board (this project file uses cherry), ¼” thick Corian sheet , and super glue. A ⅛” milling bit should do the trick as well. However, if you’re planning on cutting the holes for the scissors, a 1/16” bit is recommended. This particular kit is designed for QShave products however, adjustments for different sized products are easy to make with Easel. Now you’re ready to carve out your materials, glue your wood and Corian together, sand the whole thing down

Easel Live: Easel CNC Software

Inventables’ Easel Live series is run by one of our resident CNC experts and community manager Brandon Cullum. The Easel Live Events provide CNC users an opportunity to learn about CNC software, designing as well as tips and tricks to be more efficient with CNC projects. When you tune into the live events, you can ask questions and participate with other CNC enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We have great participation from our community members who offer advice in addition to the information Brandon shares.   In this recording of an Easel Live event, Brandon takes us through the basics of the Easel CNC software, touching on some differences between Easel and Easel Pro such as V-carving, machine parking, and the enhanced graphics library to name a few.  In the first 30 minutes of the Easel 101 session, Brandon discusses some basics of CNC carving & software as well as how to set up and use Easel. What you will take away from the video: How to more efficiently use Ease/Easel Pro How to

4 Awesome DIY Jewelry Projects for X-Carve CNC Machine

  One of the great things about the X-Carve is that it allows makers to put their own unique spin on everyday things. Jewelry is a great example of that. Instead of buying typical metal and stone jewelry we’re so accustomed to, you can carve an original design using Easel and cut your very own piece out of wood, acrylic, Corian, or just about anything you can imagine. Here are some great DIY jewelry projects you can make with your X-Carve and Easel. Inlay Necklaces This first piece is thanks to Alex from Chicago. She put together a beautifully unique wooden and aluminum inlay necklace which will be the first of our projects today. Her materials: Cherry wood : 6" × 12" × 1/8"  Wenge : 6" × 12" × 1/8"  Laserable Sparkle Aluminum - Gold on Silver: 12” × 12” x 0.02” Laserable Sparkle Aluminum - Silver on Silver: 12” × 12” x 0.02” First, mill the settings where the aluminum will sit. Because the aluminum is about 0.02”, you’ll want the pockets to be a bit deep